and get more money for it!

So you have a vehicle that you want to sell. Our guess is that you would like to maximize the amount you get for it…. we thought so! Did you know you have choices?

Method 1:

You can put it in the paper (very old school), or you can put it online and have buyers come to your home/work to look at your car.

Advantages - You MAY get more for your car

Challenges- You don’t want to finance the buyer. You don’t want to buy his/her trade in. You may not want to take calls or have people you don’t know come to your home. You don’t want to guarantee performance of your car after the sale!

Method 2:

You can take your car to a big box store that advertises nationally aka CAR---.. something.

Advantages - After waiting in line they will give you a buy bid.

Challenges - You do not get a check. They give you a “draft” that takes 5-10 days to pay you. You are receiving a bid based on their computer system that pays their national averages.

Method 3:

You can use the tools we provide; True Cash Offer and Auto Trader Market Place to establish a guaranteed trade in vehicle at your convenience… then fill out the form (with photos if possible!) The more information we have, the more we can give you for your vehicle!

BUT- if you want the most for your vehicle (and we know you do), let’s consider its DESIREABILITY.

True Cash Offer and AutoTrader establish a “value” based on their data of the year, make, model, equipment and miles of your vehicle. It’s the “Trusted Source” of establishing vehicle values. It maybe the best amount for your vehicle, but we believe that “Desirability” does come into play, and we want to consider all factors that can affect the value we offer you for your vehicle.

(Vehicle desirability = Current amount of retail demand for a particular vehicle)

We will contact you as soon as possible after you submit the form to the right. If you want to take our offer, we will set up a time to meet you at the location you select! Or feel free to call one of our advisors and we will do all of this with you, YOUR CHOICE!

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