Sell or Trade Your Vehicle Through Cal Coast Credit Union

Need to sell or trade in your present vehicle? We are here to help!

Our goal is to always provide Cal Coast Credit Union members with a high level of service, as we have since 1986. There are several ways to sell or trade in your vehicle…

Method 1:

Take it to the Big Box Retail Store. You will receive “High Convenience” and typically a “Low Market Value” proposition (a low offer for your vehicle). Also, typically, they take 5-10 days to pay you for your vehicle (not the best method!)

Method 2:

List your vehicle on the internet. Have people you don’t know come to your home and make you an offer. But, what if they do not have cash… can you help get them financing? Or what if they have a trade in? Will you take their vehicle or trade for yours? You may get more money this way, but it may be a very big HASSEL in the process.

Method 3:

Contact Cal Coast Credit Union’s auto buying service (That’s US!) We will set up a time that is convenient to meet at the California Coast CU branch of your choice. We will evaluate your vehicle and research the market and check with Kelly Blue values. We will make you a fair offer on your vehicle THERE ON THE SPOT. Even if you owe money on your vehicle… we are here to help!

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